Simple. Scalable. Secure.

Protect your video content from illegal downloading with a world-class, cloud-based Digital Rights Management service.


Measure traffic, know your audience, stay in control of your videos.

Device Compatibility
Reach to audiences worldwide on Desktop, Android & iOS. SDK Integration support for Android and IOS Native apps. HTML 5 adaptive player for ease of playback.
Dynamic Watermarking
Total Screen Capture Block in Mobile Apps. Discourage screen capture in websites with user based watermark like IP address, user id, email id, phone no. etc.
Adaptive Streaming
Adaptive Streaming video players switch the video resolution to the best possible quality based on network connectivity.
Packager integrations
To simplify the workflow, We uses API for integration with any origin or packaging platform, including AWS Elemental MediaPackage, Anevia, Unified Streaming, and Wowza Media Engine.
Video DRM Encryption
Powered by DRM technologies that have been approved by major studios and content creators such as Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, and Microsoft PlayReady.
Servers & CDN
AWS powered servers, transcoding & CDN infrastructure to ensure smooth playback across 6 continents.
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Built for e-Learning, Media & LMS Platforms

If you are an e-learning or media platform, look no further! Etfrg helps several such platforms scale their video streaming, secure their videos and deliver them smoothly to their users.

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